Cool Political Posters
Cool Political Posters from the Estonian Social Democratic Labour Party!
25 October, 2004 by swampthing

design links
- - space 4 future brand new
- - Horiko suoni in bianco e nero
- - spai lab // design raider
- - a gallery of shaken faces...
21 October, 2004 by swampthing

FBI took the hard drives of IMC servers in the UK
The FBI issued an order to Rackspace in the US (Indymedia's provider with offices in the US and London) to remove physically one of our servers. The order was so short term that Rackspace had to give away our hard drives in the UK.
The servers hosted numerous local IMCs. If you find a site is down: that might be the reason.

The reason why the hard drives were taken are unknown.

08 October, 2004 by swampthing

design links
- - tikimatic Neuronal Design Space Station V2: Spatio-matic

- - darkly designed digital portfolio
03 October, 2004 by swampthing

design links for you
- - horiko, new site
- - gara di nervi, updates
- - a034, new site
- - anarchyCode _ _ 2004
- - addicted to consumerism
- -, redesign
13 September, 2004 by swampthing

September 11 is the anniversary of the 1973 military coup against the democratically elected government of Chile. The intellectual mastermind was Henry Kissinger, then Nixon's Secretary of State.
11 September, 2004 by swampthing

Rock Against Bush
The Rock Against Bush compilation features 26 songs from the elite of the world’s punk and rock bands including the Descendents, Ministry, DOA featuring Jello Biafra, Less Than Jake featuring Billy Bragg, NOFX, Sum 41, Anti-Flag and the Ataris. Almost all of these tracks are unreleased and exclusive.

- - Fat Wreck Chords (label)
- - Punk Voter
- - Bands Against Bush

From the famous "Idiot Son of An Asshole" to a ton of punk and industrial informational flash videos!

28 August, 2004 by swampthing

design links
Brand new stuff available at TOGGLE Magazine
- - TOGGLE Magazine
New site from alberto emiliano seveso.
- - tempo vision _ alberto emiliano seveso _
from spleen:
- - flash boudoir experiments
New download section from Metrostation
- - Metrostation
27 August, 2004 by swampthing

Fahrenheit 9/11 | In Theaters Now!
Out now in Italy. A great movie, a must see for all the family.

Uscito nelle sale italiane oggi, portateci amici e parenti. Berlusconi sembra quasi intelligente rispetto a George W.. ho detto quasi...
- - Official site
27 August, 2004 by swampthing

Calendar of US Military Dead during Iraqi War
Updated 16 August 2004. Total 969 US Dead.
81 British, Iraqi and others, not included.
16 August, 2004 by swampthing

Gabriele Magurno V10
New site from Magurno. Check it out.
30 July, 2004 by swampthing

Al Qaeda: swampthing primo obiettivo
Dopo l'onorevole Berlusconi Silvio anche swampthing nel mirino di Al Qaeda
29 July, 2004 by swampthing

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